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Blind Engine

Blind Engine


HKD $790 for 1

HKD $1550 for 2


Blind Engine

  • Blind Engine 是一個簡單的智能電動窗簾開關器,只需安裝於窗簾繩上,就可以將普通繩拉窗簾變成全電動,還可以透過手機、平板電腦APP控制開關。另設定時器 ,及支援多幅窗簾同時運行等、強大功能。


    The Brunt Blind Engine transforms your standard home blinds into smart electric blinds. For an affordable price, our device can motorize your existing blinds. The Brunt Blind Engine can also connect to your smartphone, allowing remote control and scheduling of your blinds anywhere, anytime.

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