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100%遮光下布 100%Blackout Lower Fabric - [100BPU-01]

路軌波浪式PiNPPER套裝 包括:

  • 專利上襯
  • 精選下布
  • 路軌
  • 本地運費

Curtain Track PiNPPER Package includes: 

  • Upper Lining
  • Lower Fabric 
  • Curtain Track
  • Local Shipping



Any minor color difference varies from the product photos may be due to the lighting for photo shooting, the resolution of display monitor or personal perception.

100%遮光下布 100%Blackout Lower Fabric - [100BPU-01]

  • Product Code: [100BPU-01]

    100% 遮光 Blackout
    100% 聚酯纖維 Polyester  

    此下布需與 路軌波浪式PiNPPER/ 蛇洞式PiNPPER 套裝 一同購買。

    This lower fabric is only sold together with Curtain Track or Hole-Punching PiNPPER Package. 


    1. 選擇好上襯後, 再於 [下布 ] 產品列表上選擇心儀下布,MARK底下布的product code
    2. 於上襯產品選項中 填寫顏色、尺碼、路軌闊度、窗簾所需總高度、及下布product code
    3. 加到購物車後 結帳。


    How to order: 

    1. After selecting the upper lining, pick your favorite lower fabric in the [Lower Fabric] category within the product list and mark down the lower fabric product code.
    2. Select and fill in the information as indicated in the upper lining product options
    3. Add to cart and proceed to check out 
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